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Staging Product Photography

Choosing to be a product photographer can be a great decision, but the reason why this type of photographer is so in demand is because it is a very challenging field. It is not just about taking good photographs, but also knowing how to properly stage a product using table cloths and accessories that will make that image come to life. It can sometimes be frustrating trying to find a table cloth that will respond well to certain lighting. A lot of photographers work with a tablecloth rental company in order to try out different tablecloth colors and materials in order to find the best ones for photographs. While challenging, staging products is a very fun aspect of product photography.

Other than portraits, product photography is the most common focus in professionalphotography. Whether it is for catalogs, portfolios, restaurants, websites or all of the above, product photography is always needed. Unlike outdoor photography, product photography require a lot of lighting knowledge and props, including table cloths and backdrops for the images. When you work with products, most photographers tend to use tablecloths in white, mainly for the clean look. Depending on the products, however, many photographers might use a tablecloth in black in order to show contrast. The one thing that is universal is that many photographers rely on a tablecloth rental company because product photography requires artistic staging, which may mean using an elaborate table cloth and accessories for the image to be complete.

For a lot of product photography, a table cloth isn’t the most important aspect because it will eventually be edited out in Photoshop. This is especially true for catalog photographs. However, for a lot of product photographers, images that do require extensive staging, using table cloths and accessories, end up being their favorite types of product photography. Because many of their clients will want a unique setup for each of their products, photographers may use a tablecloth rental company. This allows photographers to find styles, materials and colors that won’t cost a lot but still give them diverse photographs, instead of using tablecloths in white all the time. It is not that white tablecloths or even a tablecloth in black is not useful, and in fact they are commonly used. But photographers like using themes for certain photographs, and black and white do not always allow that theme to come alive.

When you are staging a product that does rely on a little more than a tablecloth in black or tablecloths in white, it is important that you understand the audience and the product details. In other words, if you are setting up a product shot for tea, you may use a lot of green, maybe even different aspects of Eastern culture like bamboo or silk to capture not only the tea but the essence of tea as well. You can find a tablecloth rental company that carries silky materials or even Asian patterns. You can also choose an alternative to a table cloth by using actual bamboo or a sheet of grass to show the natural, earthy aspect of tea. This tea example shows you that product photography requires the use of other materials, including table cloths, to complete the photograph.

The reason why product photographers are sought after is because it is a hard form of photography. You are taking photos of a product, but you also have to understand how a photograph may react to a textured table cloth. It is going to respond a lot differently to a satin tablecloth in black then it will to velvet tablecloths in white, and that is something you need to prepare for. A tablecloth rental company is good for product photographers because you can rent all sorts of table cloths to see how they will respond to different lighting and product materials. Though a lot goes into it, product photography can still be fun. Each day will present you with new and exiting challenges.

Knowing how to set up your backdrop, like whether to usetableclothsin black or whitecan make a big differencein staging products for photographs. If you are taking product shots and looking for a Table cloth in black service then BBJ Table Fashions at www.tablefashions.com can help!

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